Safety is our priority.


Even a small build-up of gas from a leak can be dangerous, so it is essential that any gas-burning appliances you have working in your home or business are installed properly by a fully licensed professional. Our gas fitting services will ensure the correct and safe connections between all of your gas mains, pipes and appliances.

We handle gas-fitting requirements for both domestic and commercial buildings, including pipe installation and gas pipe repairs. Our gas fitting services cover a selection of gas repairs and installations, including BBQ installation, connections and conversions, general gas fitting, repairs and replacements, gas fireplace installs, gas hot water system installation and repairs, and gas appliance installations such as cooktops, stoves and ovens.

On top of proper installation, the best preventive measure against gas leaks from gas fittings is regular checks and maintenance. This simple, affordable action is important to help you avoid dangerous leaks and major damage to your property.