Recent Projects

Our recent projects highlight our focus on quality workmanship.



This refurbishment saw a rundown character home in Cheltenham transformed into an updated classic. It was important to keep the heritage façade of the residencefor both aesthetic and compliance purposes.

Our work involved new plumbing and gas fitting throughout the bathroom, ensuite, kitchen and laundry, complementing the client’s updated finishes throughout the premises.

The resulting visual enhancement was only eclipsed by the vastly improved functionality within the house thanks to the upgraded tap ware and appliances.



A dilapidated, vintage rambler awaited our services in Highett. New roofing and gutters, general plumbing repairs and maintenance assisted in the overall renovation of this stunning character home.

Situated in an idyllic location, the heritage appearance of this home was also important to keep, while offering stylistic and functional upgrades within the premises.

Our work included renewal of drainage, services redone, refurbishment of the wet areas, guttering, and roofing.


glenton-plumbing-cheltenham-3192-image (2).png
glenton-plumbing-cheltenham-3192-image (1).png