Keeping heads in Melbourne dry and safe.


A leaking roof left untreated causes serious damage and costs more and more money the longer you leave it. Glenton Plumbing is here to assist you with all of your roof installation and repair needs.

We understand that roof replacement is an expensive task, which it is why make it the highest priority to look after your roof and make immediate repairs to prevent further damage. We can meet all of your roofing and plumbing needs, from repairing small roof leaks to designing and installing new in-ground drainage systems. Our services include roof repairs, sprouting and guttering, as well as installing in-ground drainage and storm water systems. We specialise in down pipe installation and repairs that ensure water flows away from your roofing and into storm water systems or rainwater tanks, keeping the roof over your head dry.

Glenton Plumbing can provide down pipe installation on newly built homes as well as existing buildings. We will work closely with you to create a drainage system that’s not only fully functional, but also looks great and complements the design of your home or business.